Featured Artists

Chris Dyer

Chris Dyer is a Peruvian-Canadian artist, currently living in St. Petersburg after a year in Denver where he and Shroomski first met. As a world and dimensions traveler, he experiences different cultures and then re-expresses them into his own vision of Oneness. He serves as a Bridge builder between different art movements from skateboard graphics, visionary paintings, street art murals, nfts and more. He wants to break boxes and see everything become one harmonious reality. Though his subject matters are as varied as his styles, his art is just a reflection of his personal spiritual journey.

John Speaker

John Speaker is a painter currently living in Niwot, CO. His works have been exhibited at Phil Lewis Art Gallery, Mirus Gallery and Threyda, and painted live at Chapel of Sacred Mirrors and various music festivals across the country.

John believes that painting is a practice through which one offers their entire being to the mystery of creativity. When the brush hits the canvas, it’s as if time stops and the artist is invited to sway harmoniously with the universe. Each brush stroke is layered upon the next to create an object that reminds us of our true boundless nature. His mission is to continually open to the secrets of life with a brush in-hand. He hopes to create art that wakes the viewer to unexpected and beautiful states of awareness.

Morgan Mandala

Morgan Mandala is a contemporary artist residing in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado, USA.  Morgan is recognized for live performance painting, circular canvases, and naturalistic imagery combined with geometric and symbolic forms.  A call to performance painting has led her around the globe creating art, as well as teaching, collaborating, and learning along the way. 

Artist statement…I paint to visually explore our connection to the world, each other, and our inner selves living the conscious human experience. Mandalas are graphic representations of the universe – the multiplicity, and the singularity; the macrocosm, and microcosm. I re-interpret and merge objects and symbols in my paintings to narrate facets of or themes in visions, travels, and psychedelic experiences.  I create visual metaphors for our seamless connection to the world, and hope to open up a wider understanding (or questioning) of what we see and how we perceive.